Activities to do in Cape Town & the Western Cape

One of the adventure capitals of the world Cape Town and the Western Cape with its brilliant weather, very varied terrain and love of all things sporty and extreme has plenty to offer every adventurer.

From abseiling to scuba diving, angling to kloofing, stand up paddle boarding to crocodile cage diving there is not a single adrenalin rush or extreme activity which we don’t cater for.

4×4 Drives

TheWestern Capeis magnificently beautiful and boasts majestic mountain ranges, indigenous forests and wildlife. What better way to explore this wonderland than to go on a 4×4 trail through these terrains.


The most common fish found in this area areSteenbras(throughout the year) and kabeljou (in summer,) with galjoen, elf and snoek in season. A highlight for anglers is the crayfish/rock lobster season in summer (usually November to January) when these delicacies are caught during the limited and strictly-monitored period.


Widely available throughout South Africa with Cape Town offering a 100m abseil onTable MountainStep off the top, at 1000 meters above sea level, and rappel into pure vertical space. This is the world’s original highest commercial abseil. You are surrounded by awesome views and the deep blue Atlantic at your feet.


Paddling in a two-man inflatable croc is the ultimate way to explore the river. Choose from the tranquil peacefulBreede Riverwith a few small rapids and rich birdlife to ThePalmiet Riverwhich tumbles through the fynbos covered mountains of theKogelberg Nature Reserve.

Scuba Diving

Choose whether to swim amongst giant boulders covered with sea anemones, explore sea caves, ghostly shipwrecks or swim with Cape fur seals, or simply dive with the rays and turtles at theTwo Oceans Aquarium.

Bungee Jumping

TheWestern Capeoffers a 65m high jump and bridge swings at theGouritz River Bridge, the original African bungee site the world. This was the original African Bungy jump site established in 1989.


Fly-fishing (freshwater and seawater), rock and surf angling, spear fishing, bottom fishing and deep-sea fishing –Cape Townand theWestern Capeoffers it all from rainbow trout to big game fish! The Cape of Storms is notorious for yielding quality big game fish such as Marlin and Tuna, as well as excellent trout and bass fishing around inland rivers and dams.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in theWestern Capewith its great variety of trails through forests and winelands, as well as mountainous climbs and descents is a hugely popular sport with the slopes ofTable Mountain, the ruggedCederburgand mountain ranges of theGarden Routeall offering up exciting challenges.


Kloofing, or canyoning as it is called in most parts of the world, consisting of following a mountain stream along its course by climbing, sliding, jumping and swimming.Suicide Gorgein theRiviersonderendmountains nearGrabouw, with its highest jump of 18m and compulsory jumps of 7m-8m, is the most popular kloof in theWestern Cape.


Sailing inCape Townand theWestern Capeis a wonderful way of exploring this coastal destination. Choose between hopping on board sightseeing boat trips which range from harbour tours to full week-long sailing holidays. Should you want to learn to sail, then sign up with a sailing academy for simple day courses, weekend introductory courses or full yacht master certification training.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

With roots that reach far back into Polynesian past, stand up paddle boarding is now one of the most explosive water sport crazes. Both mellow and meditative, paddle surfing treats athletes to 360-degree views of their surrounds and affords enthusiasts the chance to spot marine life, thanks to higher vantage points.

Bird Watching

A biodiversity hotspot,Cape Townand theWestern Capeis home to over 70% of Southern Africa’s endemic birds and world-famous pelagic birding. Visit ecologically varied birding destinations such as theCape Peninsula National Park,West Coast National Park,De Hoop Nature Reserve,Boulders Beach,Langebaan Lagoon, theKarooandAgulhas National Parksand look out for the Cape Sugarbird, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Victorin’s Warbler, Protea Seedeater, African Penguin and scores more


Blokart sailing comprises of a light and compact three wheeled buggy and a sail of anything from 2 m to 5.5m in length. Absolutely anyone can fit into the comfortable sling seat, with your legs stretched out in front of you, take hold of the steering bar and sheet rope and set off along the beach.Sunrise Beach,Muizenberg,Cape Townand this activity can be done in theGarden Route.

Crocodile Cage Diving

If you’ve tried shark cage diving and are now looking for your next big thrill, then slip into another cage and this time go crocodile cage diving.The Cango Wildlife RanchinOudtshoorninvites adventurers, equipped with just goggles and a snorkel, to step inside a cage lowered into a pool of hungry snapping 4m long Nile crocodiles. Protected by a specially designed cage built to withstand a crocodile’s bite pressure, thrill seekers get a taste of what it means to be offered up as meaty tidbits.

Game Fishing

Game Fishing takes place inCape TownalongCape Peninsula, theGarden Route,Plettenberg BayandKnysna. Big Game, Inshore Game and Bay fishing offers a range of fish in the waters along the coast of theWestern Capesuch as pelagic fish. Seasonal catches of yellow fin tuna, longfin tuna, skipjack, katonkel, dorado, yellowtail, cape snoek, kabeljou, cape salmon, reef fish, game shark such as the mako and blue shark, Hake and Red Roman, and the occasional marlin ensures that fishing is enjoyed all year round.


A Gyroplane is a flying machine similar to a helicopter but in some ways akin to an airplane. It has a rotor blade like a helicopter but cannot climb vertically and requires an airplane-like roll or run to become airborne. Other names frequently referred to are “Gyrocopter” or “Autogiro”.

All introductory flights offer an exhilarating flying experience with views ofCape Town,Table Bay,Table Mountain,Robben Island, theAtlantic seaboard, theAtlantis sand dunesas well aswine lands.

Helicopter Flights

We have a range of flights around thePeninsulathat offers you the opportunity to view some of the most beautiful locations like,Camps Bay,Chapman’s Peak,Long Beach,Cape PointandKirstenbosch Gardens. If you are a little more Adventurous and would like to join us on a Day Excursion, we offer trips to the Winelands, Picnics in secluded locations, Big Five Safaris and Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai to mention a few.


A draw card if ever there was one,Table Mountaininvites hikers to explore the many trails crisscrossing its’ acclaimed slopes. But there is more to hikingCape Townand theWestern Capethan justTable Mountain, the region abounds with attractive and scenic mountainous landscapes such as The Springbok Hiking Trail- Karoo National Park-Beaufort West, Oystercatcher Trail- Mossel Bay, The Whale Trail – theOverberg,Garden Route,Cederberg,Cape Winelands,Riebeek Kasteel, and scores more.

Hot Air Ballooning

Fly away over fields, vineyards and orchards in a hot air balloon. Smooth and silent with the exception of the short bursts of the burner, hot air ballooning has adventurers floating through the sky as slow as a cloud and as free as a bird. Enjoy fantastic views of the early morning sunrise and beautiful surrounding mountains and valleys.


Kite-boarding , the world’s fastest growing extreme sport, is the hybrid mix of kite-flying technique and wakeboarding. Allowing boarders to travel up to speeds of nearly 60 knots per hour and perform gravity-defying acrobatics, like looping, flipping, rolling and shredding it is an adrenalin junkies’ dream rush. Head forCape Townand in particular theCape West Coast, the unofficial kite-boarding capital of the world, where the South Westerly wind blows throughout the year, creating ideal year round kite boarding conditions.

Micro Light

A micro light, nicknamed the motorbike of the sky is the ultimate flying experience. There is space in the micro light for one passenger (usually squealing) and one pilot (usually smiling). The 30 minute flip takes in dramatic views of theCape Peninsulaand includes flying over farmlands and skimming above waves.


Specially built barricades will give you and your mates protection from your opposition while you contemplate your next assault. Various obstacles to jump over, hide behind and duck. The paint is biodegradable and will wash out.


Paragliding is offered throughout theWestern Capebut is most spectacular in Cape Town and theGarden Route. Flights can be done fromLions Head,Signal HillandSir Lowry’s Pass. TheGarden Routeboasts an abundance of valleys, estuaries, lagoons, exquisite coastlines and lush indigenous forests.

Power Boating

Western Cape’s extensive rivers, dams and coastlines provide an excellent playground for power boating enthusiasts. The roar of the engines as you power across the water’s surface is a feeling that has attracted a huge following.Western Capepower boating offers fantastic opportunities to view whales, dolphins and seals that grace the Western Capes shore’s. The combination of mountains, sea, rivers, wind and fantastic climate is the complete recipe for power boating in theWestern Cape.

Rock Climbing

Where better to kick off your rock climbing adventure in theWestern Capethan atTable Mountain. Scale its majestic slopes and rocky edifices as you make for its summit, 1086m above sea level, and the opportunity to view 360 degrees of breathtaking scenery. Rock climbers heavenCederbergshould be on every climbers itinerary. Two-and-a-half hours’ drive north ofCape Townis the magnificentCederberg Mountains. A world-class boulder area, it boasts some of the best rock climbing routes in the country

Quad Biking

Quad biking trails in this scenic region ofCape Town,Western Capeis a great way to enjoy the outdoors and some of the best off road nature trails in theWestern Cape, South Africa. The quad bike trails take you through areas teeming with some of the rarest plants on earth. Those with a sense of adventure and appreciation, should try their hands at off road quad tours perfectly designed for the adrenalin junkie.

Motor Racing

Fast, fun and a challenge to your driving skills motor racing is for everyone whether you’re really into racing or just out for a bit of adrenalin laced fun. Kart racing is a relatively cheap form of motorsport that usually takes place at a specially designed circuit. The adrenaline rush of racing in a small, but high-tech, go-kart around twisty racetracks is guaranteed to bring out the formula 1 driver in you.

Jet Flights

Fly in some of the fastest airplanes, ex- military fighter jets flight rentals inCape Townoffers adrenaline flyers a unique chance to fly in some of the most exciting, graceful and robust combat fighter jets with a flight in South Africa.


Head to the Winelands not even two hours out of theCity Centrefor a range of wildlife reserves and parks all offering excellent safari options. It’s not the Kruger National Park but safari’s in theWestern Capepresent wild life enthusiasts with exciting opportunities to view the Big 5 in their natural (malaria free) settings, luxury accommodation, and twice daily game drives.

Sand boarding

Africa’s version of snowboarding, sand boarding is an exhilarating sport taking advantage of South Africa’s gradients and global gravity. An allover body workout this hobby also known as sand surfing is set in the rolling Cape dunes of Lost City in Atlantis or Silver Sands in Betty’s Bay.


The Western Cape is blessed with fantastic rivers, beautiful scenery, and a climate made for the outdoors enthusiast, so if you’re looking for action of the paddling variety, you’re in for a treat.The Doring River,Palmiet River,Molenaars River,Breede River,Kowie Riverand lakes along theGarden Routeall offer exciting kayaking adventures.


Gliding in theWestern Capeis not only for qualified pilots. Numerous gliding clubs in theWestern Capeoffer exhilarating 30 minute air flight experiences (AFE’s). The ultimate airborne escape; gliding is an out-of-this-world adventure that’ll have your adrenalin soaring.

Shark Cage Diving

TheWestern Capecontains the best sites in the world to view great white sharks in their natural habitat, throughout the year. Shark cage diving operators can practically guarantee you shark encounters by heading for the populated waters ofHout Bay,Gansbaai,Dyer Island,KleinBaai,Seal Island,Mossel BayandSimon’s Town. You needn’t be a qualified diver to try your hand at shark cage diving as no diving is required – shark cages are simply lowered into the waters alongside the viewing boat.

Sky Diving

Enjoy a scenic 20 minute flight as your plane ascends up to 10,000 feet, and then feel the adrenaline kick in when it stops and you exit it with your Tandem Master to experience the rush of a 35 second free fall at 200KPH! TheWestern Capehas an abundance of sites to suit both experience and weather conditions and theGarden Routeoffers one of the countries safest and most popular sites.

Snorkeling with the Seals

Swim and interact with curious South African Fur Seals, watch them dart around gracefully and playfully in the water below you, and take home the experience of a lifetime. No experience required. Swimmers are thoroughly briefed on what to do and enter the water under supervision of an experienced PADI dive-master.


South Africa is one of the major surfing countries in the world, with South Africans figuring prominently on the professional circuit and the country itself hosting a series of international competitions each year. TheWestern Capeoffers an abundance of varying waves suitable for those with experience and those without, with Cape Town and its surrounding area offering at least 50 spots. Surf safaris, board hire and tuition are all available


Whether it is target shooting on the range, hunting safaris or wing shooting, visitors toCape Town and the Western Capelooking to shoot off some steam can happily indulge in some thrilling gun fun. Packages catering for both those with and without shooting experience includes the thrill of shooting at an array of targets such as steel plates, clay pigeons, water bottles and Olympic targets with a variety of handguns and shotguns such as the Glock, Colt .45, Sig Sauer 9mm, 12 gauge pump action, and 357 Magnum.

Whale Watching

The coming of the whales to the Western Cape’s southern coastline, also known as theCape Whale Coast, every year between June and November, sees the return of the Southern Right Whale, and less commonly the Bryde’s (pronounced ‘broodess’) and Humpback whales. These gentle giants spend summer feeding around Antarctica and then migrate thousands of miles to the sheltered bays of our waters seeking refuge to mate and calve.

Zip Slide

Situated inCeres, an hour and a half’s drive fromCape Town,Ceres Zip Slide Adventuresat 1,4km of pure adrenalin and 8 slides varying in length from 100-290m, is the longest Zipline Tour in Africa. Safe, fast and long, the tour takes place in theSchurweberg Mountainsbelow theKoekedouw DaminCeres. Participants are kitted up in full body harnesses with state-of-the-art equipment, and are accompanied by two fully-trained guides. Blue Rock’s fufi-slide, a 400 metre long fufi-slide from the top of the cliffs into water is guaranteed to be the adrenaline rush of your life.